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Development of softwares services and applications that operate on the ARCHEthic Public Blockchain.


Uniris is a software company that enables building and connecting on ARCHEthic Public Blockchain Network. At Uniris, we are building crypto applications, smart contracts and networks to scale and provides a level playing field for developers, creators, and businesses. We envision an open and community-driven ecosystem that is open to all across the world. We are an organization that is backed by researchers, patents and talent across the world to build the Web3.0.

We also specialize in helping companies and institutions build applications on top of ARCHEthic blockchain for their business needs.

Industry Solutions

Powering the Decentralized Economy with Endless Possibilities.


Tokenization can turn any asset into a digital token and enables the digital transfer, ownership & storage without the necessary need of an intermediary.

Supply Chain

Decentralized Supply Chain Management strengthens end to end traceability and replacing slow, manual processes with a highly scalable solution.

Data Security

Geo-Secured Data network that can survive any disaster like geo-political crisis, war, natural calamities, etc... for decades if not centuries


Decentralized e-commerce to directly connect businesses with customers by providing security, trust, privacy, lower transaction costs, and transaction integrity


NFT artist Olivier Bouchet will launch one of the first NFT collections on ArchEthic Blockchain. Make sure to register your interest


Safeguard your organization, business, locality, or even your country with a seamless, simple, secure identity solution for the masses.


A New Ecosystem for Development

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